wheres that post that says “you dont have to be a father to be a daddy” because that is ashton he is the ultimate daddy and i am willing to fight everyone on this

after numerous requests last night, heres a (ridiculosly long) masterpost on WHY ashton is daddy… aka him looking so hot i can feel the thirst from each one of my toes to every follicle of hair on my head

SO without further ado, i present to u, my 4th masterpost which i call:


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I’m sure you guys can guess what this one shot is all about

Requested? Nope


I step into the cabin, the group of girls I’ve been assigned to look after the past few weeks huddled on the floor, sitting in a circle, making bracelets. A lot of bracelets. I smile down at the 8 of them,…

GUYS MY FRIEND LAUREN IS A FANTASTIC WRITER! Go check out her stuff :) I died at this one NGL.